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While we try to list all of our available products on our website, some of them do not end up making it to our site, so if you need something not listed here, just give our sales representative a call at (862) 264-6774.

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FF2723 - Frz D. Whole Clean Marinated Mud Fish "Butterfly/D0823"
1x33 lb - Ankor Wat
FF2724 - Frz Striped Snake Head (Mud Fish) "Striped" (8-12 inches)
1X22 lb (around 13 packs) - Gusto
FF273 - Frz Striped Snakehead/Mud Fish "Butterfly /sz 8-11inch"
1x22 lb - Gusto
FF274 - Frz Striped Snakehead/Mud Fish Sliced
20x1 lb - Gusto
FF277 - Frz. Tilapia Fillet - Vac ***
40x227g - Gusto
FF289 - Frz. Gourami
1x15 lb - Gusto
FF296 - Frz. Brushtooth Lizard Fish
8.81 Lbs (4 Kgs) - Gusto
FF350 - Frz. Ring Fish
24x2 pc - Gusto
FF3511 - Frz. Stingray fish
25x90 g - Gusto
FF380 - Frz D. Salted Giant Sheatfish Fillet "VN"
30x12 oz - Seaquest
FF384 - Frz. Croaker Fish
16x10 oz - BM
FF3841 - Frz. Hardtail Scad Fish
16x10 oz - BM
FF3901 - Frz Silverbarb Fish "sz 80-120 /tray"
14x500 g - Gusto
FF3902 - Frz Silverbarb Fish "sz 100-200 /tray"
21x3 pc - Gusto
FF394 - Frz Marinated Riverbarb Fish "CND /37.5lb /2pc"
60x10 oz - Ankor Wat
FF424 - Frz. Hybrid Clarias Fish H/L sz.11-18 oz.
1x20 lbs - Gusto
FF425 - Frz. Hybrid Clarias Fish H/L sz. 8-11 oz
1x20 lbs - Gusto
FF426 - Frz. Hybrid Clarias Fish H/L sz.18 oz. up
1x44 lbs - Gusto
FF430 - Rohu 800-1000 W/R
33 lb - Gusto
FF435 - Frz.Rohu Fish Fillet (Butterfly Cut) Size: 8-12"
1x22 lb - Gusto
FF441 - Frz Golden Pompano (Pomfret) Fish "W/R sz 600-800"
1x40 lb - BlueBay, Seafood
FF480 - Frz. Pickled Silver Carp Fish
1x22 lb - Gusto
FF482 - Frz Pickled Tilapia Fish (2pcs) ***
1x22 lbs - Gusto
FF484 - Frz Pickled Tilapia Fish "H/L ***
1x22 lbs - Gusto
FF545 - Frz Silver Carp (Dace) Fish "W/R sz 600-800"
1x40 lb - Seafood Avenue
FF553 - Frz Gray Anchovy Fish "W/R"
40x14 oz - Pineapple
FF594 - Frz Sheatfish "W/R sz 12-17cm"
20x14 oz - Pineapple