• FA175
    Frz Tod Mun (Spicy Fish Cake)
    30x300 g - Gusto
  • FC134
    Frz Cockle Clams "W/R sz U90 /vac" "A0770"
    20x14 oz - N/A
  • FC135
    Frz Cockle Clams "W/R sz 23-30"
    20x14 oz - Freshness Choice
  • FC136
    Frz White Clams "sz 17-22 /Cooked"
    10x2 lb - Seafood Avenue
  • FC142
    Frz Mussel Meat
    22x1 lb - Fisherman's
  • FC172
    Frz White Clams Meat "sz 150-250 /VN"
    30x14 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FCR103
    Frz Soft Shell Crab "inner box /1kg" "around 8pc/box"
    6x1 kg - N/A
  • FCR106
    Frz Soft Shell Crab "sz Prime /inner box /1kg/ BM" "around 14pc/box"
    6x1 kg - Ocean Ranch
  • FCR300
    Frz Prepared Grounded Crab mixed "B0038"
    24x14 oz - Grand Palace
  • FCR301
    Frz Minced Crab Mixed With Chili "35lb" "F2005"
    40x14 oz - New Town
  • FCR3031
    Frz Salted Crab Mixed With Chili "W/R"
    24x12 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FDR100
    Frz Coconut Juice "With Pulp" "Erawan"
    24x300 ml - Erawan
  • FDR102
    Frz Coconut Juice "With Pulp" "Best Choice's"
    24x10.5 oz - Lotus
  • FF101
    Frz Yellow Eel Fish Steak "sz 14cm /wild caught /tray"
    30x14 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FF103
    Frz Spiny Eel Fish "W/R sz 13cm up /wild caught"
    44x12 oz - Freshness Choice
  • FF106
    Frz D. Spiny Eel
    50x6 oz - New Town
  • FF108
    Fz Whole Round Swamp EEL 300/up VN
    1x40 lb - Pineapple
  • FF1080
    Fz Yellow eel "W/R, sz 250/up VN"
    1x30 lb - Freshness Choice
  • FF120
    Frz Mud Fish (Whole Snake Head Fish) "W/R sz 1000up"
    1x22 lb - Gusto
  • FF124
    Frz Mud Fish (Whole Snake Head Fish) "W/R sz 1000 /VN"
    1x40 lb - Pineapple
  • FF1302
    Frz Mud Fish Steak 2lb "s 2.5 cm" "A0260N"
    15x2 lb - Seafood Avenue
  • FF1303
    Frz Mud Fish Steak "Ca Loc Khuc"
    20x2 lb - Freshness Choice
  • FF132
    Frz Silverbarb (Taplian) Fish "W/R sz 500-800"
    1x22 lb - Gusto
  • FF133
    Frz Silverbarb (Taplian) Fish "W/R sz 800up"
    1x22 lb - Gusto
  • FF142
    Frz Basa (Whole Dressed Swai) Fish "H/L"
    1x40 lb - Freshness Choice
  • FF1421
    Frz Basa (Whole Dressed Swai) Fish "H/L 15pc"
    15x2 lb - Sunrise
  • FF1440
    Frz Basa (Swai) Fish Steak "4cm thick /30lb"
    15x2 lb - Seafood Avenue
  • FF147
    Frz Basa (Swai) Fish Steak "3cm thick /vac"
    30x16 oz - Sunrise
  • FF148
    Frz Escolar Fish Steak "sz 6-14oz"
    1x40 lb - Pineapple
  • FF151
    Frz Indian Mackeral Fish "W/R sz 5-6 /vac /tray"
    30x2 pc - Gusto