• FC134
    Frz Cockle Clams "W/R sz U90 /vac" "A0770"
    20x14 oz - N/A
  • FC1341
    Frz Cockle Clams "W/R sz U100 /vac" "F0770:red box"
    24x14 oz - Sunrise
  • FC135
    Frz Cockle Clams "W/R sz 23-30"
    20x14 oz - Freshness Choice
  • FC136
    Frz White Clams "sz 17-22 /Cooked"
    10x2 lb - Seafood Avenue
  • FC142
    Frz Mussel Meat
    22x1 lb - Fisherman's
  • FC172
    Frz White Clams Meat "sz 150-250 /VN"
    30x14 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FCR103
    Frz Soft Shell Crab Whale"inner box /1kg"BM "around 8pc/box"
    6x1 kg - Ocean Ranch
  • FCR106
    Frz Soft Shell Crab "sz Prime /inner box /1kg/ BM" "around 14pc/box"
    6x1 kg - Ocean Ranch
  • FCR300
    Frz Prepared Grounded Crab mixed "B0038"
    24x14 oz - Grand Palace
  • FCR301
    Frz Minced Crab Mixed With Chili "35lb" "F2005"
    40x14 oz - New Town
  • FCR3031
    Frz Salted Crab Mixed With Chili "W/R"
    24x12 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FSF126
    Frz Seafood Mixed "China, 24bag"
    24x1 lb - Pacific Marina
  • FSF143
    Frz Carving Squid "24lb /China"
    24x1 lb - West Bay
  • FSF1451
    Frz Carving Squid "Curled Squid Chunks"
    30x14 oz - Seafood Avenue
  • FSF146
    Frz Squid (Loligo) "Tentacle /17.5lb"
    20x14 oz - Double Blue
  • FSF155
    Frz Uncleaned Squid "Whole Round Squid"
    12x3 lb - Sea Wave
  • FSF159
    Frz Squid (illex) "sz U5"
    1x22 lb - N/A
  • FSF182
    Frz Squid "Tube&Tantacle /sz 6-8 /22.5 lb/ VN"-"PV92079v"
    30x12 OZ. - Seafood Avenue
  • FSF183
    Frz Squid "Tentacle /tray /vac /TH"
    28x12 oz - Gusto
  • FSF1830
    Frz Squid "Loligo/ Tentacle /tray /vac /VN"
    30x12 oz - Sunrise
  • FSH105
    Frz EZ peel White Shrimp "sz 31-40 /IQF"
    10x2 lb - N/A
  • FSH155
    Frz F/W Prawns "sz 1-2 /inner box /India"
    10x2 lb - N/A
  • FSH158
    Frz F/W Prawns "sz 2-4 /inner box /Bangladesh"
    10x2 lb - N/A
  • FSH181
    Frz Tiny Prawn "sz (L)"
    24x12 oz - Gusto